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Rhayader - Powys

A perfect base to set up life, Rhayader is home to the spectacular scenery of the Elan and Claerwen Valleys and the extraordinary wildlife in the Cambrian Mountains. This beautiful town is the first on the River Wye and is abounding with attractions and events, making it a beautiful and fascinating place for residents to live.

The Practice
Rhayader Practice offers a versatile working environment that is comfortable and spacious. This patient-friendly clinic consists of two treatment rooms, three consulting rooms and an eye assessment room. Telemedicine support is also currently being developed with Shropdoc Co-operative.

The practice has strong links with community groups including Rhayader Community Support and Rhayader Home Support .These organisations support Rhayader’s patients with transport assistance, social events, and 24hr rapid response home support. The development of a virtual ward at the practice has also led to enhanced working relationships with the wider multi-disciplinary team.

Committed to providing collaborative care, Rhayader Practice attends weekly meetings with the local physiotherapist, OT and social services support. Rhayader Home Support attends these meetings and is a valued resource for the practice; encouraging positive relationships with patients and playing an active role in their care. These patient/ GP relationships are further supported by the level of enthusiasm shown by patients in helping with the practice’s involvement in the Primary Care Research Incentive Scheme. They are continually happy to participate and help the practice deliver a high standard of care.

Rhayader Practice has very recently negotiated a new contract with the community hospital in Llandrindod Wells, who manage seven GP beds with specialist elderly care from the ward based staff grade physician. This has further strengthened the practice’s involvement with the community hospital and will ensure a consistent streamlined approach to patient care in the community.

Part-time GP position

Rhayader Practice is looking for an ambitious GP to join their team on a part-time basis. Situated in a picturesque rural town, close to the stunning Elan Valley, this vacancy offers a fantastic opportunity for a forward-thinking GP to cement their future in the medical field. Rhayader Practice is proud to provide a superior level of care to approximately 3,300 patients and is welcoming applicants looking to become a valued member of a thriving and highly trusted team.

There is also an opportunity for any prospective GP to be involved in specialist outpatient clinics at Llandrindod Wells Hospital (GPS WSI).

Hours/ Working schedule: Two days per week. Earnings potential for a part-time salaried GP position will be £10,000 per session per year. Indemnity fees will also be covered.

Number of patients: Approximately 3,300.

Holidays/ Study Days: Six weeks holiday per year holiday plus five days study leave.

Are You The Ideal Candidate?
Rhayader is the perfect base for family life. Home to the awe-inspiring Cambrian Mountains and rich with striking scenery and beautiful rare wildlife, this wonderful town offers the ideal environment for children to grow up in. This combined with the town’s wide variety of leisure activities and respectable schools make Rhayader a popular place to work and live among professionals looking for that perfect work/ life balance.

A versatile GP with excellent communication skills and an adaptive approach would make for a suitable candidate for this life-changing position.

Meet the Team

The successful candidate will be welcomed by a close-knit, friendly team, all of whom play a crucial role in maintaining the outstanding reputation of Rhayader Practice.

The practice currently consists of one full-time GP partner, one non-clinical partner and one salaried GP who works two days a week. The practice also has the added benefit of regularly working with locums who play an important role in developing constructive relationships with patients.

Playing an active part in supporting the training needs of both the administrative and clinical team, the practice partners provide an “open door” policy and are always happy to help all members of staff. This, combined with providing regular staff appraisals, makes the Rhayader team a strong, positive and supporting network to be part of.

As an innovative and consistently evolving medical centre, Rhayader Practice is developing the existing team to include a pharmacist, a mental health worker, and a health & wellbeing facilitator. These initiatives are being funded by the Cluster development funding.

The practice is also proud to be supporting a Physician Associate trainee over the next two years and is hoping to have an Urgent Care Practitioner join the team in the near future.

Increasing the skill mix within the team ensures all patients’ needs are met in a timely manner by an appropriate health professional.

Support staff consists of the district nursing team, podiatry services, health visitor, midwives, specialist nursing input, and counsellors.

Looking to shape your clinical and personal future in an ideal family environment?

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  • Practice Nurse in Powys
    I moved to Powys 17 years ago, and shortly afterwards I began working in Primary Care. I work at a surgery 22 miles away from my home (through choice). My commute to work is stress-free and stunning. When I arrive at work I am part of an innovative, progressive team who are forever looking for ways to improve patient care. Living and working in Powys is not without its challenges e.g. few public transport options. But if you think that working in Powys will be ‘behind the times’ then think again. It’s the perfect place to be for work-life balance.
    Practice Nurse in Powys
  • Practice Nurse, North Powys
    My husband, two children and I moved to Powys from the Cotswolds 15 years ago. The opportunities for us all have been exceptional: good education and plenty of activities on our doorstep, be that visiting the beach, playing sport, sailing or climbing mountains. There’s something for all, young and old! I work in a small team as a practice nurse, offering a wide range of services to our local community. Yes, we can sometimes be under pressure, but we all do our job to the best of our ability and maintain high levels of patient care. The rewards are many, a friendly community, great colleagues and truly beautiful area; I look out of the surgery window and see hills and lambs playing in the fields. I cannot imagine myself working anywhere else and I often tell my patients ‘I have the best job in the world'.
    Practice Nurse, North Powys
  • GP, Mid Powys
    I came to Powys to live and work in a rural community. While in medical school, I did a work placement in a rural GP practice in Powys. I enjoyed it so much I returned to that practice and now I am a partner there! The pace of life in Powys is much more relaxed compared with that of friends who live and work in a city. I watch lambs play in the field when eating my breakfast, enjoy a traffic free commute to work, and then after work, in the quiet of the evening, go climbing in the Brecon Beacons. Oh, and my husband found a job here too!
    GP, Mid Powys
  • Physician Associate, North Powys
    Moving from a busy city to an area like Powys was daunting at first, but the people are so welcoming and friendly that I soon felt at home. There is also more to do in Powys than you might think! The community spirit is strong wherever you go and having joined a local choir and gym soon after arriving, integrating is very easy. Driving to work on country roads and admiring the glorious views rather than looking at skyscrapers, what more is there to say?
    Physician Associate, North Powys
  • GP, North Powys
    Having moved to Powys in September 2017 for a rural GP role, I can honestly say I have not once regretted the decision. Rural general practice offers interesting diversity and stimulating challenges and on the whole, general practice here feels more of a personal service rather than a stressed, time pressured, endurance challenge that urban practice so often is. Powys is a beautiful part of the world and has so much to offer. I often think ‘why doesn’t everyone live here?’. I feel like I’ve been let in on a secret and I love it.
    GP, North Powys
  • Dentist, North Powys
    I am a qualified dentist working in Powys. I am surrounded by beautiful countryside which I have the privilege of admiring as I drive to work each day. In my spare time there are so many opportunities for walking and exploring the area. Being in such a close-knit community, I enjoy the good relationships I’ve developed with patients, many of whom have been with the practice for years. Generally, the pace of life is so relaxed, something which is reflected in the patients who are always very appreciative and friendly.
    Dentist, North Powys
  • Community Pharmacist, North Powys
    I'm a community pharmacist living in Llandrindod Wells but working in North Powys. My wife and I moved to Powys to live and work nearly 20 years ago and now have two teenage children. We have a smallholding and thoroughly enjoy and embrace our rural lifestyle. There are many benefits to the way we live and work, including the perfect”environment in which to raise our children.
    Community Pharmacist, North Powys
  • GP, North Powys
    Having moved to Powys in September 2017 for a rural GP role, I can honestly say I have not once regretted the decision. Rural general practice offers interesting diversity and stimulating challenges and on the whole, general practice here feels more of a personal service rather than a stressed, time pressured, endurance challenge that urban practice so often is. Powys is a beautiful part of the world and has so much to offer. I often think ‘why doesn’t everyone live here?’. I f”eel like I’ve been let in on a secret and I love it.
    GP, North Powys
  • GP North Powys
    In terms of my role, it’s changed dramatically over those 30 years. In Powys, we’ve been given the chance to shape general practice in our own style, within the broader NHS. We’ve moved from a purely doctor-led service to a modest-sized organisation, working with all kinds of talented people. We’re a growing team with pharmacists and physios set to join. What’s really special is how we share skills – even our receptionists develop new skills like triage and telemedicine. It is going to continue to be a fascinating job.
    GP North Powys
  • GP Mid Powys
    One thing I would say to a doctor considering life as a rural GP is how wonderful rural life is. It’s good for me, and I enjoy the fresh air and being able to do simple things like go home for lunch. To me, the biggest advantage to rural general practice is being able to provide holistic and personal care: you see people right from birth, through their school years and all the generations of their family. That’s very rewarding.
    GP Mid Powys
  • GP North Powys
    I took to the place straight away. Like all of Powys the countryside is beautiful. Small lively towns, each with their own character, are spread throughout the county. It is a lovely place to bring up children, with good schools, facilities and, of course, medical services. And it’s a wonderful place to call home. Every day I can just lift my eyes to the beautiful hills, walk on quiet paths away from traffic – even a brief wait on a patient’s doorstep is an opportunity to savour this special place.
    GP North Powys
  • GP North Powys
    I’ve experienced a huge range of unique opportunities in Wales. First off, we have strong links to the local universities and protected training opportunities. Recently, I was asked to be diabetes lead and I was provided with a university diploma course and study leave to bring my skills up to speed. This is just one example of how we’re supported. In short, the ability to build a portfolio career, or to just be a good family doctor, is all here.
    GP North Powys
  • GP Registrar South Powys
    I noticed how different the people were compared to my previous placement. Patients were more engaged and open, not just about their health but life in general. It reminded me of the old-fashioned GPs who cared for a single family throughout their lives. Morning surgeries featured a waiting room full of people. All of them would be chatting away, catching up on the latest news and teasing unsuspecting medical students whenever they could. It created a relaxed atmosphere that carried over into the consultations. I found myself more attentive and more connected to the people in my care.
    GP Registrar South Powys
  • GP Mid Powys
    One of the big advantages to me of being a rural GP is being part of the community we serve. I am a social sort of person – if I go shopping or to church, I will often see patients and have the opportunity to talk to them as friends. Not all GPs would enjoy that, but I find it incredibly rewarding. It’s all about communication with people and being part of the community. The great thing is that this carries over into my work, which makes it especially satisfying.
    GP Mid Powys

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