Where quality of care meets quality of life

Living in Powys

Did you know?

  • Cities like Cardiff, Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham are all readily accessible from Powys

  • Powys is one of the most sparsely populated counties in the UK with only around 26 people per square kilometre!

  • Less than 25% people speak fluent Welsh in Powys

  • Powys is home to many awarding winning restaurants

The Perfect Place for Work/ Life Balance

Promising incredible beauty, magical escapism and the kind of magnetism that pulls you into every inch of its character, it’s not surprising that Powys is one of the happiest places to work and live.

Powys may be the largest county in Wales, but it has the smallest population density – so it’s safe to say surgeries here can be a lot calmer than what many health professionals are used to. Practising in Powys will allow you the time to focus on providing the best quality of care. You’ll be closer to making the big decisions, with the chance to have a genuine influence on how patients are cared for.

Whether you’re at the start of your career or you simply want to rebalance, you’re guaranteed your well deserved share of the good life here in mid Wales.

Serenity, inspiration and adventure seem to have joined forces over the staggering landscape, providing the perfect backdrop to life as a healthcare worker.

Let your children grow up in one of the safest and most inspiring parts of the country. Comfortably buy the home of your dreams. Enjoy the quality of life you work so hard for.

A Class Above

Most of us expect to make some sort of sacrifices for our careers, but should we have to? As a medical professional, you work for a better life - for you, your family and your patients. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than what you dream of. Start practising in Powys and every hint of a sacrifice will be a thing of the past. Your life and career will flow in perfect sync as you and your family flourish on a personal and professional level.

Imagine having both your career and lifestyle aspirations being fulfilled. All in one go. All in one place.

Famous events such as the Hay Festival at Hay-on-Wye, the Royal Welsh Show and the Green Man Festival may attract annual visitors to Powys, but it’s the county’s extraordinary ability to make everyday life so much better that invites health professionals and their families to build a future here.

Mix the little things like award winning local organic produce with the big things like affordable dream houses and Powys is what you get!

Your Time, Your Choice

Whatever stage of your life you’re at, working in the healthcare sector can be highly demanding; and so you value your free time more than most. That’s one of the reasons why so many healthcare professionals choose Powys as a permanent place to set up home – it ticks all the boxes for a wonderful quality of life.

Whether you have a young family to support (and keep entertained!), you’re looking for peace and tranquillity on your days off or you’re somewhere in between, Powys offers the kind of lifestyle that fits the visions you already have.

Relocate to Powys and twiddling your thumbs on a Saturday morning thinking of something to do as a family will become a thing of the past. Your children will relish in the acres upon acres of beautiful open space that offers a limitless playground and a wonderful world of outdoor activities. Watch their little faces light up when they see the stunning Wild Red Kites at Gigrin Farm or when they spot the delightful deer from aboard the mini steam train at Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway. This popular attraction offers a rare opportunity for you and your family to travel in the style of your great (maybe great-great!) grandparents with the added excitement of some hidden surprises.

And on days when the weather doesn’t “play ball” (it sometimes rains in Wales!), a visit to one of the many indoor play centres and attractions scattered around the county is guaranteed to put a smile on your children’s faces.

There’s never a dull moment around here - there’s just too much to see; to do; and to feel for that! And that goes for adults, too!

For those of you with an appetite for excitement, Powys can offer you giant servings of thrills and adventure that will leave you full to bursting! You can make truly amazing memories that are only up for grabs in Powys, such as trying your hand at the World Bog Snorkelling Championships or the many other unusual events hosted in the area.

Or you can settle in to the other aspect of Powys; the place that’s rich with history and art culture. And the place that’s as tranquil as it is thrilling, as still as it is stimulating and as rejuvenating as it is rigorous.

Whichever way you see it, and whatever you take from it, Powys is a destination for all stages of life. (If you dream of the good life, that is.)